Actifast® 2-way Stretch Tubular Retention Bandage

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ActiFast® is a Latex free, self-supporting and conforming tubular bandage. ActiFast® is very easy to apply and is colour coded to denote size.The 2-way stretch gives you improved conformability and provides ease of movement when applied to any part of the body. This tubular retention bandage is extremely versatile, easy to apply and can be cut to size and shape. ActiFast® can be used as a bandage liner to ease the problem of contact sensitivity, in the wet wrapping technique, to secure, cover and retain dressings or to keep ointments in place. The ActiFast® range is also safe to use where compression is contra-indicated. Red - Small limbs, Green - Small/medium limbs, Blue - Large limbs, Yellow - Extra-large limbs/heads and children’s trunks, Beige - Small/medium adult’s trunks, Purple - Large/extra-large adult’s trunks


  • Available in 6 sizes to accommodate infant limbs up to an extra-large adult trunk.
  • Knitted seamlessly.
  • Easy to apply and can be cut to size and shape.
  • The ActiFast® range is safe to use where compression is contra-indicated.

Essential information

  • ActiFast® is not suitable for use as a compression bandage.
  • A Wet Wrapping Technique may not suitable for all eczema patients and should therefore only be used following medical or nursing advice.
  • Always read the in-pack information leaflet prior to commencing use of the product.