ActiGlide Application Aid

One Size

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Do you dread the task of putting on your compression socks or stockings? With the ActiGlide Application Aid, that task got a lot easier. Designed for people who need an extra helping hand, this tool allows your garment to glide effortlessly up your limb. Suitable for both closed and open toe, below knee or thigh length hosiery and tights, as well as arm sleeves. ActiGlide is a multi-use and durable solution to make putting on compression garments less of a challenge.


  • ActiGlide Application Aid is designed to be used with arm and leg garments including open and closed toe.
  • ActiGlide can be used with compression tights, socks, stockings and arm sleeves to allow your garment to glide effortlessly up your limb.
  • Multi-use, long lasting and durable.

Essential information

  • If you are new to wearing compression therapy, changing the type or Class of your garment or have any existing medical conditions we advise that you are assessed and measured by a suitably trained healthcare professional.
  • Always read the in-pack information leaflet prior to commencing use of the product.