ActiLymph Hosiery Kit

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An effective treatment for venous leg ulcers. A Hosiery Kit gives you freedom to get on with your everyday life whilst giving you effective and evidence based therapeutic compression. The ActiLymph Hosiery Kit combines a 10mmHg liner and a European Class 2 compression level below knee stocking. The ActiLymph Hosiery Kit is suitable if there is mild swelling in the limb and wound fluid is contained within a dressing. If you have had, or believe you may have had any problems with your veins then it is important that you seek advice from a trained health professional before wearing any compression hosiery.


  • ActiLymph Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit (40mmHg)
  • With therapeutic and firm compression of approximately 40 mmHg, the hosiery kit gives you the freedom you need to get on with your everyday life without having to worry about reapplying bulky or insecure bandages.
  • The ActiLymph Hosiery Kit Below Knee Stocking and Liner combines a 10mmHg under liner and European Class 2 below knee stocking.
  • Hosiery Kits can be used as a first line treatment for venous leg ulcers and for the prevention of recurrence.
  • Hosiery kits allow you to self care for your venous leg ulcer.
  • Latex free

Essential information

  • If you are new to wearing compression therapy, changing the type or Class of your garment or have any existing medical conditions we advise that you are assessed and measured by a suitably trained healthcare professional.
  • Always read the in-pack information leaflet prior to commencing use of the product.